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Weekly Reminders 13.5.24

Good morning parents and children!

Next week is a massive week for school as our Yr6 children sit their SATs papers (their final assessments of the primary level). Due to Willows class being in the block with Yr6, we have made the decision to move our classroom whilst the examinations are taking place so we don't disturb them and our learning can continue as normal. From Monday until Thursday, Willows class will register in the classroom and then move to the Junior Hall for the first lesson of each day. We wish our Yr6 's all the luck and positive thoughts we can for their upcoming tests.


We have noticed a bit of a slip and slide with uniform over the last few weeks. Just because the weather is becoming warmer doesn't mean the uniform changes. Below is the information from our website. We have been talking to the children about appropriate clothing so please read it carefully to check your child is wearing the right uniform. And yes, this includes leggings and skins for PE which are not part of the school policy. Tracksuits should also not be branded to enable all our children to be united in the same clothing.

Thank you for your cooperation with our school policies.

Music Festival

The first rehearsal is nearly upon us and we will be travelling to Thundersley for a morning of singing with the other schools taking part. We have some fantastic singers who are really going to shine on the stage!

Reminders for next week:

Spellings - (challenge words for Yr5/6) - achieve, apparent, bargain, bruise, community, mischievous, muscle, necessary, vehicle, system.

Music Words - We will remove the words from the children this week, so please keep them practising at home!

Thursday - PE: final districts sports team selection week before we move into Tennis and Rounders.

Friday - Danbury Meeting with Mrs Shorten 2:30pm in the small hall. Enter the school through the office.

Have a brilliant weekend - it's supposed to be hot!!! FINALLY!!! See you Monday.


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