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Weekly Reminders 29.4.24

Good morning all! What a week. We absolutely loved our history workshop. David (AKA Henry VIII) was so realistic, I'm quite glad no one lost their heads!

We saw lots of smiley faces and there was a lot of information to learn.

Please check that you have paid for this experience as we are now due to pay the invoice.

Thank you!

We also began our Music Festival rehearsals with support from our singing expert, Mrs Rees. All children need to learn the songs as we are all going to Thundersley and the Cliffs Pavilion for rehearsals. We are extremely proud of the amount of children who are coming out of their comfort zones to perform on stage. It isn't easy to try something new in front of lots of people, but we know they'll shine bright and value the opportunity. Below are the links to the songs and the words - requested by the children. Fingers crossed they work!

Year 5 Music Festival 2023-24 (1)
Download PDF • 110KB

Spellings for next week are: cereal, serial, complement, compliment, principal,

principle, stationary, stationery, wary, weary (homophones and near homophones.)

Due to learning 17 songs, there won't be extra homework this week. However, we have made children aware they will be completing their Year 5 End of Year assessments on the last week of this term so every little helps!

Thursday - PE - districts team selection trials.

Have a fantastic weekend and fingers crossed we have some lovely weather.

Definitely think the weapons and armour was the best bit!


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