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Weekly Reminders 7.5.24

Good morning and welcome to the Bank Holiday weekend!!

We both just want to say how proud we are of our classes this week. We have many children being pushed outside of their comfort zones at the moment, whether it be in PE with the districts trials, Art for drawing portraits or in Music for performance, They are so impressive and it has been a pleasure to watch them improve on times, learn a new skill and sing out loud!

Cliffs Pavilion tickets for the music festival go on sale this week at 12pm on Tuesday 7th May. We are recommended to try and gain tickets from the rear stalls section, rows 20-39. Miss Jackson, Mrs Rees, Mrs Grant and myself will be back stage with the children supporting them through the performance. The night will require full uniform. Tickets are only available via the Cliffs and not school.

We also want to remind you the children will be sitting their final assessments for year 5 on the week beginning the 20th May. This will involve a reading paper, a maths paper and a writing task. Writing is our biggest area of concern as there is so much to remember. One thing you can help with at home is handwriting. In order to achieve the expected standard for year 4 and above the children need legible, fluent cursive (joined) handwriting. If they do not produce work with this level they will be marked at year 3 or below. Tough we know and we don't always agree with the system but we want to ensure they have the best chance to succeed in year 6 so an accurate level now will start their journey in the right place. Year 6 is a crucial year which helps senior schools predict their GCSE grades. Sounds crazy but we know in education that if one building block is missing the rest fall down. We are here to help and are pretty sure the children are fed up with hearing about year 6 now but we are determined to make sure they are ready to show everyone their true potential.

Reminders for next week:

Monday - NO SCHOOL!!!

Wednesday - Learning Plan meetings

Thursday - PE, Girl's football match

Spellings for next week:

Homophones and Near Homophones - affect, effect, dessert, desert, draft, draught,

precede, proceed, who’s, whose.

No homework to enable children to continue learning songs for the Music Festival.

Have an awesome weekend, keep singing and we'll see you Tuesday!


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