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Regular user? Try a
'Week Pass' to save money!
EARLY BIRDS:               
                            DAILY PRICE:         £6
          WEEK PASS PRICE:  
from £5*
SHORT SESSION PRICE (until 5pm):      £7
    LONG SESSION PRICE (until 6pm):      £13 
Note - All sessions must be purchased in advance.    
Paying for Trips, visits and school dinners? 

Early Birds, Night Owls and Clubs

  • Breakfast Club! Turn up from 7:30am, right up to when the bell rings!

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    Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri

    6 British pounds
  • Perfect for regular users of our breakfast club!

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    25 British pounds

Late collection fees: Late collection fees apply. >5 minutes into the next chargeable session, the next session charge will automatically be applied against the child's ParentPay account.
*WeekPasses: These passes are non-refundable, so please be sure you will make use of the unlimited access to Early Birds before purchasing - you may find that single bookings are more cost-effective if only using the provision sporadically. Cost per session from £5
 (e.g. if all 5 sessions in a week are attended, £25.00/5 = £5.00) 

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