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Maths Curriculum Intent Statement:


To foster our children’s determination to master the understanding and knowledge required to be fluent and creative mathematicians.

-Mrs C. Gaya, Subject Lead

Pupil Voice:

"Maths challenges me, and it gets me thinking how to solve real-life problems"

- Y6 pupil


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Maths at Westerings is AMBITIOUS!


Example: In Year 6, our recent focus on models to aid with conceptual understanding has helped children to feel more confident with reasoning and applying. The focus is on conceptual understanding rather than process.

These are examples of children being challenged to move on to investigative work through stretch tasks in maths, where conceptual understanding is required to tackle more complex or abstract problems.


The Mastery Flow Model is a process in which learners progress from new content to deep understanding. We use this specific model for teaching and learning within maths at Westerings.

We define deep understanding as:

  1. Pupil’s long term retention.

  2. Pupil’s ability to apply learning in a variety of context including unfamiliar context.

  3. It is about pupils knowing what they know.

Find out more about the MASTERY FLOW MODEL here.

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