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2024 Uniform updates - now available at Danielle's!

Our children are known across the area as being some of the smartest and best-presented. And rightly so... in the words of Prada; "What you wear is how you present to the world!"

Today, we're excited to launch our new line of uniform. Available soon at Danielle's, the new branded items will have a bolder, fresher logo design that ensures our pupils are easily recognisable as Westerings students.

Our pupils talk with such admiration and pride about their school, and love our logo which reflects the natural setting that surrounds us. We've enlarged the logo on our uniforms to accentuate our ethos and identity.

In a competitive educational landscape, our distinctive and well-designed uniform will further help differentiate our school and attract prospective students and families who are looking for a school that pays attention to detail and prioritises its image. We know from feedback (following our open evenings) that prospective parents love how smart and well-presented our children are.

Our current uniform items are (and will continue to be) perfectly acceptable to be worn for as long as they fit your child (and then some, if you donate it to our Pre-Loved shop!) Naturally, over time, the new logo items will become commonplace. So if you've just invested in new items of uniform, please do not worry! Like the transition from the old white PE shirts to the new designs, we understand that 'slow and steady wins the race'!

You will be able to get new logo items at Danielle's. Accessories and other items (such as ties) can also be purchased/pre-ordered via the Westerings+ app!


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