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Danbury is calling...

Hope you've having a fantastic half-term break, filled with adventures and fun!

Guess what? When we return, get ready to kick it up a notch because we're diving into an electrifying countdown: just 52 school days until we embark on the adventure of a lifetime - our Danbury residential trip! 🏕️🌳

Picture this: thrilling outdoor adventures that'll have us pushing ourselves to our personal limits, conquering challenges, and making memories that'll last a lifetime! From daring high ropes courses to heart-pounding team challenges, Danbury promises to be the ultimate playground!

So let's make the most of every moment, every lesson, and every opportunity to prepare ourselves for this epic journey this coming term.

Get ready to unleash your inner explorer, ignite your spirit of adventure, and push beyond what you ever thought possible!

The countdown begins on the first day of term!!


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