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Pupil Pathways Year 3 and 4 (2024/2025 Academic year)

Are you in Year 3 or 4 next academic year? Would you be willing to take on a leadership role?

If you answered yes, then apply for one of the exciting leadership roles available for Year 3 and 4!

Discover your potential, make a positive impact, and help lead our school community. Don't miss this opportunity to shine!

Job descriptions: Please make sure you read this before applying for a role.

YR 3_4 Westerings Pupil Leadership Pathway (1)
Download PDF • 88KB

If you wish to apply for a role, then please complete the relevant application form.

Successful applicants will be announced in September 24.

Guardians of the Library (Year 4)

Student Council (Year 4): Elections will take place in September. Be sure to use the summer holidays to create your presentation


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