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Pupil Pathways: Years 3 -6 (2023-2024 Academic Year)

We are thrilled to announce that children can now apply for roles and responsibilities for the next academic year as part of our Pupil Leadership Pathway.

This initiative is designed to help students discover, nurture, and develop their leadership skills.

💪 Striving for Remarkable: Our "Leadership Pathways" will instill a sense of ambition, encouraging pupils to strive for remarkable achievements in all aspects of their lives.

🤝 Community Involvement: Leadership is not just about individual success but also about giving back to the school community. Students will have the opportunity to engage in meaningful roles, contributing positively to our school and beyond.

We encourage all interested pupils to apply and take advantage of this exciting opportunity to develop their leadership potential.

More information can be found on your Year Group APP page.


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