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Reminders and Requests


Over the past week or so, we've observed a slight decrease in the frequency of some children's reading at home. We're uncertain whether this is because children aren't engaging in reading at home or if parents haven't been able to upload their reading progress to BoomReader. It's important to note that failing to upload their reading to BoomReader means they'll miss out on the delightful 'rainbow reader' reward. Additionally, it may impact our ability to switch their books on Mondays if they haven't been read. If the children are not reading at home, this will have an impact on their progress as regular practise is key! Let's work together to ensure every reading adventure is shared and celebrated! If you need any support with this please do not hesitate to ask.

Requests- We are still looking for donations of potato mashers for an activity this week. We are also looking for donations of small buttons for a fine motor activity and old pots and pans for a music activity.

Thanks again for your continue support.


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