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 ‘To enable our children to gain a wealth of experiences by using their creative minds to explore materials and build upon techniques, whilst studying famous
artists which will inspire their artistic skills’

           - Mrs Towler, Subject Lead

Subject Intent Statement:

At Westerings, our art curriculum ensures skills and knowledge are progressive and carefully sequenced to challenge, engage and stretch our pupils.


Art features prominently across our school. You'll see subject displays (left) by the main hall, and curriculum displays in every classroom (right) which demonstrate the art skills being taught this term. We are also proud to showcases our pupils' artwork in our Creativity Gallery in the main office and throughout the school... (above)

Knowledge and skills in art are carefully planned to ensure that they are well-sequenced and progressive. 
An example of this can be seen here, where from KS1 to KS2, the exploration of colour increases in complexity as pupils move through the school...

We showcase our amazing creativity in our Art Gallery corridor!

year 4 colour.jpg
year 4 artist research.jpg

Stop by and see our amazing work!

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