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Why Westerings?

Choosing a primary school shouldn't be hard. 
(But it is... especially around here!)

So let us help simplify your decision making.
If you love what you read, and it resonates with you, then clearly Westerings is the school for your family.
If it doesn't resonate with you? Well, you'll be pleased to know we are well-surrounded by great schools, each with their own distinctiveness.  

Start with Why...

That's what we do!

Choosing a school:

We believe learning should be full of fun and fundamentals. Each and every child should be inspired to choose a remarkable life.

Lessons are ambitious, creative, engaging...
We are relentless; we aspire for excellence in every aspect of our provision.

We offer:
- exciting learning opportunities
- a curriculum full of awe and wonder
- a nurturing and caring environment where each child is valued and inspired to lead a remarkable life. 


So what sets us apart from other schools? It's all about FUN and FUNDAMENTALS!

We have a unique curriculum, designed by Westerings staff, aimed at inspiring our pupils, giving them plenty of opportunities to demonstrate creativity. 

Our pupils experience trips, visits and residentials which brings their learning to life!

Classrooms are unique - whether being surrounded by dinosaurs in the library, the shops and flying dragons of Diagon Alley, or the learning intervention rooms themed like you're on a station in outer space... children are immersed in exciting and imaginative surroundings!

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