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"To inspire our children to develop a love of music and enable rich opportunities to become talented and creative musicians."

            - Mrs Rees, Subject Lead


Our pupils have regular opportunities to perform. Whether annual concerts, nativities, shows or events (such as Hockley's 'Christmas Light Switch On') we provide pupils with many opportunities to showcase their talents. 

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Music Progression at Westerings...

As you can see, there is constant continuous provision of music in the Early Years setting! 

The children use the instruments for child-led purposes such as playing music for Chinese New Year, playing songs from different countries and to sing songs they have heard such as songs from Encanto (when learning about Columbia). As pupils move through the school, new vocabulary is introduced like tempo, pitch, dynamics, pulse. This is all taught through movement and games to ensure key vocabulary is embedded. You can see below our Year 1 pupils exploring these musical themes. 

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In Year 1, children begin creating their own notation through using their own symbols (demonstrating what they think their sound would look like).

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From here, pupils are taught ambitiously each week, ensuring they dive into the inter-related dimensions of music such as pitch and structure...

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In Year 6 we use a vast amount of instruments such as ukuleles, recorders, pianos (through garage band), drums, music recording software through Bandlab, beatboxing software and glockenspiels. We develop our understanding of the stave further by using a greater number of types of notes. By the end of year 6 children are expected to learn 12 different types of notes as well as understanding the names of the notes (C to C) and have some understanding of the sharps. 


The children have many opportunities to read music as well as compose music using notation including reading chords when playing piano. 


The children have some incredible topics in year 6 including a beatboxing acapella unit, a dance music unit using loops on
Bandlab a musical technology unit and creating war style music
using brass instruments based upon a film clip from The Kingsman. 

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