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"Our curriculum blends exploration with hands-on fieldwork, connecting students to their community. Engaging lessons unveil the world's wonders, fostering curiosity and understanding. Our approach cultivates global citizens, empowering young minds to navigate our planet with confidence"
Mr Bird, Subject Lead


Subject Specific Intent Statement:

Inspiring our young and inquisitive explorers to show curiosity about the
world, its people and its processes.

In Y4, we learn about the human and physical geography of Death Valley. Children are required to research about the location to know the differences between the two geographies. At the end of the lesson, we challenge the children to write sentences all about the climate of Death Valley, applying the knowledge from the lesson to extend the sentence.

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Our Geographers continue their remarkable journey in KS3. Click below to see the Y7+ curriculum at GWA...
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"At Westerings, fieldwork is integral to our geography lessons. Recently, our pupils conducted observational fieldwork and surveys in Hockley town centre. Gathering data firsthand empowered them to craft a compelling letter to the local council, fostering community engagement and real-world application of geography concepts"

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