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Personal, Social and Health Education

Relationship and Sex Education

PSHE Subject Intent Statement:

To inspire our children to be healthy, ambitious and resilient members of the community that know of ways to keep themselves safe.

"In creating the PSHE intent statement, it was important to make a specific link with the whole school intent statement.  Resilience is a key skill that is developed and encouraged through the PSHE curriculum at Westerings. PSHE also allows the freedom for the children to be ambitious and creative; teaching skills to support them in achieving their individual ambitions." - Mrs J Galer, Subject Lead.


Personal, Social and Health Education


Relationship and Sex Education


Navigate the support available for parents/carers. View videos, helpful guides and presentations from our subject lead - Mrs Galer. 


Pupil Perceptions
At Westerings, pupil voice is integral to our Academy Improvement planning. More information can be found on our main site, here. Our 2022/23 Pupil surveys began with a focus on key issues such as uniform and safety. Take a look at some of their views:

RSE update
We routinely review our RSE curriculum offer and ensure it meets (and exceeds) the national requirement. See our current update below:

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