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At its core, history is the study of change over time. To understand where we came from helps us to understand our current society and make reasoned inferences about our collective future. Therefore, at Westerings, we aim to deliver a history curriculum that is accessible to all and helps every child know more, remember more and understand more.

We want children to be curious to know more about the past and to have the skills required to explore their own interests. History lessons focus on working as historians in order to develop historical skills; giving the children opportunities by enriching their curriculum through historical visits, visitors and experience days.


Subject Specific Intent Statement:

To create inquisitive historians who learn from the past and apply this knowledge to their future.

“We aim to enable children to ask perceptive questions, think critically, weigh evidence, sift arguments, and develop perspective and judgement. It is important for children to develop a sense of identity through learning about the past and we want them to know how history has shaped their own lives. Teachers use the long term plans for history to make comparisons between historical periods previously taught, developing children’s chronological knowledge and understanding
from the Stone Age to present day.”     - Mr Bird - Subject Lead.

The length of our library corridor showcases the 'Westerings History Timeline' which shows pupils all of the periods of history they will learn at Westerings. In addition, we share information about what skills and knowledge the children will acquire as they move up the school...

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Westerings pupils took part in the creation and exhibition of the Rochford Heritage Tapestry, celebrating 1000 years of local history. 

This gave every child the opportunity to explore our rich local history in greater depth, and fire the passion for history in our pupils' minds!

Our History curriculum already links to local history, and it was fantastic to see children make links to what they found on the tapestry!

On seeing the Southend Airport scene in one of the tapestries, one child in Y2 said: "That's just like the plane Amelia Earhart flew around the world..."

Another said "And that plane looks like the Wright Brothers' plane."

Making links to prior learning was a delight to see!

Our Historians continue their remarkable journey in KS3. Click below to see the Y7+ curriculum at GWA...
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Our History curriculum is tailored to our local context...

In Y6, our children learn about a significant event in the Victorian era: The Great Exhibition. They use their newly acquired knowledge to write a newspaper report as a Victorian journalist. This is a challenging task as they need to demonstrate this knowledge whilst taking on the persona of a journalist, conveying a sense of awe and wonder at the things they had seen.
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