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Reward your remarkable readers at home with a Remarkable Reading Machine Golden Token! Our books are aimed at all ages of reader at Westerings, and pupils can get hold of them by one of three ways:

1) winning a token in assembly for having read at home every night in a week

2) Buying a token with their NutNotes, in our very own school shop (NutMarket)

3) Now, parents can buy tokens! We'll envelope them up and send them home! Not only do children get a book, but the excitement of using our Remarkable Reading Machine.


Pupils can use the RRR every day, just ask their teacher and they can visit the library, select a book and vend away!


(All books have an RRP value of up to £6.99, but vary according to title/age/publisher). 

Remarkable Reading Machine - Golden Token!

  • Tokens purchased will be dispatched via your child in a sealed envelope, within 48hrs. Any queries, please with the Subject: Remarkable Reading Machine. Monies raised from the sale of tokens are used to buy new books for the machine or for our library. 

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