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Hotboards support pupil learning, as they are engaging and interactive working walls (as opposed to static 'traditional' classroom displays). Westerings staff use Hotboards in every classroom across our academy

Key documents

In KS1 we study Rosa Parks as part of the Y2 'heroes' topic. In these lessons, the children enjoyed participating in drama; acting out the events of that historic day. The children then planned a diary entry as Rosa. They wrote the events and also her thoughts and feelings.


The children wrote their diary entry and were ambitious in their vocabulary using words like segregation, equality and African–American

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Screenshot 2023-03-26 at 23.23.11.png

By Y4, diary writing get more challenging! Children recap the features of diary entries and are challenged to think further about why these features were favoured over others within this particular text. Children closely studied the language and structural features within this text type, before creating their own secret war diaries using these same conventions.

Finally, by Y6, the children apply their knowledge of figurative language and the use of flashbacks, inspired by a silent movie ‘The Piano’.

Here, the children had to infer the meaning and emotions throughout the piece and reflect this within their own writing.

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